Why Use FutbolMarkt

Why Use FutbolMarkt

Today’s marketplace ecosystem is rapidly changing, photo-sharing apps are used as selling platforms and established marketplaces are going out of fashion. FutbolMarkt is our answer, a user-to-user social marketplace with secure payments, a full-fledged community, and product authentication.

Niche Football Marketplace

FutbolMarkt is dedicated only to football, meaning your products are in front of customers who are definitely interested in football.


We keep scammers and counterfeiters away, we've partnered with Back Four Brand Protection and work tirelessly to moderate all listings.

A Trusted

Our network of sellers, collectors and supporters are part of the system helping us build a trusted and secure selling network.


Secure payments, fast and easy. We use Paypal for buying and selling, meaning that you're covered by their guarantees & protection.


Whether you're looking for articles on collectible kits, or advice on buying your latest boot. FutbolMarkt partners with industry leaders for content.

What our users think about us

An excellent place to purchase football boots! I picked up a pair of Nike Mercurial Superfly 4’s for a very affordable price off the futbolmarkt and the service was excellent.
GearTalk2 1 - Why Use FutbolMarkt
David MC
Bought a Newcastle shirt for a mint price 👍 Will be keeping an eye out for more shirts!
248 Logono background - Why Use FutbolMarkt
Matthew K
Customer / Seller
Great platform that I've used to connect with buyers and fans. They actually verified my boots for me when I listed which is great, peace of mind!!
GearGuides1 - Why Use FutbolMarkt
Brendon A
Customer / Seller
Great specialty platform/marketplace. If you are a football fan, look no further. Great variety of products to begin with and I'm sure it will keep building up!
SG Boots - Why Use FutbolMarkt
Niko A

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