Toni Kroos’ Boots: Football’s Most Inconvenient Superstition?

June 29, 2020

Footballers are a superstitious bunch. From Jack Grealish’s refusal to change his crumbling boots to Dele Alli’s use of decade-old shin pads, players often find themselves engaged in unusual ritualistic behaviour. 

While the aforementioned cases are odd, they are largely manageable with some upkeep. Toni Kroos, on the other hand, has developed an incredibly inconvenient preference.

Over the last seven years, the Real Madrid star has worn exactly the same type of boot. Normally, this wouldn’t be particularly remarkable but in Kroos’ case, it is. 

His boot of choice, Adidas’ white and blue adiPure 11pro, have been out of production since 2014. This means that his boots are personally commissioned, likely at great inconvenience to the German sports brand. 

Footballers often have features on their boots customised by their sponsors but rarely the entire product. 

Lesser players would likely have this type of request denied, but Kroos’ fame and extensive list of honours, including the World Cup, three Bundesliga titles, La Liga and four Champions League titles, probably give him more sway than most.

The reasons behind his attachment to this specific make are hard to understand but he has claimed that he will not change boots for the remainder of his career. 

Kroos has stated that he needs to wear white boots when he plays. He feels that his performance would suffer if he wore a different type. This doesn’t explain his refusal to wear other white boots though.

Kroos takes the maintenance of his custom boots very seriously. Most players would simply leave the upkeep of equipment to the kitmen but the German is not willing to take any chances with his performance. In his eponymous 2019 documentary, Kroos stated: “Even the smallest bit of dirt annoys me,” before explaining that he personally hand washes his boots regularly.

It remains to be seen whether we will ever see the Real Madrid midfielder wearing a different pair of boots in a professional game but sightings of him wearing other white boots in training have drawn speculation. 

He is still yet to trial a new pair in a competitive game though. Given his statements, it is safe to assume that Kroos will stick with the Adidas adiPure 11pro’s until his retirement.

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Main photo credit: D Sanchez17/Wiki Commons

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