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Browse the selection of national team shirts from Senegal, Ghana, Egypt, South Africa, Morocco and other countries of Africa offered by our sellers.


    Ghana Home Shirt 2014-2016 ESSIEN 5

    8/10 Condition – print is excellent, no pulls/bobbles on shirt. Very feint marks around reverse number (pictured) and even feinter marks beside front number.

    Like other Puma 2014 World Cup Kits, the new Ghana Home Jersey comes with a unique design inspired by the Culture of Ghana. While the Kit comes with the traditional main color white, it also features a unique design on and around the collar.
    The unique design around the collar is inspired by the Kente cloth design, which is typical for Ghana. It is characterized by multicolored patterns of bright colors, geometric shapes, and dazzling.


    Ivory Coast Home Shirt 2014-2016 YAYA TOURE 19

    9/10 Condition – Shirt is in fantastic condition, apart from some feint marks to back (near collar). Print is excellent.
    Nameset for mercurial midfielder Yaya Toure.
    Size is a Medium, regular fit.

    The new Côte d’Ivoire 2014 Home Jersey features a rather simple template with a round collar. While the main color is orange, it also includes a special pattern on the sleeves showing Cave paintings including the draw of an elephant.

  • Signed Cheikh MBengue Senegal Shirt - Jerseys
    Sold By: Kai_no9

    Signed Cheikh M’Bengue Senegal Shirt

    Sold By: Kai_no9

    Official signed shirt by Senegal and Saint-Etienne right-back Cheikh M’Bengue.

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