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About Our Returns and Refunds Policy

Welcome to FutbolMarkt website (the “Site”) that operates a social media-inspired customer-to-customer marketplace. We offer a platform that allows users to (i) list football (soccer) equipment, apparel and other items for sale by posting photos and other content relating to such items, (ii) browse, search, discuss and purchase such items, (iii) participate in an online community focused on soccer and (iv) and engage in other activity relating to the foregoing (the “Service”).

The Service is operated by FutbolMarkt Ltd, incorporated and registered in England and Wales under company number 12782053 and with registered office at 71-75 Shelton Street, London, WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom (“we”, “our, or “us”).

This page is intended to assist you in understanding the range of products and circumstances that will be considered under the platform-wide policy and will be eligible for a full or partial refund from our sellers. By accessing or using the Site, you expressly agree to this policy. This policy may change from time to time. Your continued use of this Site after we make changes is deemed to be acceptance of those changes, so please check the policy periodically for updates.


To facilitate the best possible user experience on our site and to offer a certain level of protection to both sellers and buyers, we have implemented mandatory minimum refunds policy that must be abided by sellers on the site.

On FutbolMarkt, sellers are allowed to define their own voluntary return policies. Thus, if a seller does not specifically advertise that they accept returns in their listing description, they are not required to accept a return for a refund in buyer’s remorse situations. However, all seller refund policies must be based on the assumption that the product is received as advertised and in accordance with FutbolMarkt other policies.  

Our site-wide policy covers two specific scenarios: a) item(s) purchased has not been shipped (“Item Not Received” or “INR”) or if a shipped item(s) is significantly not as described by the seller (“SNAD”). 


For buyers it is generally recommended to try resolving any disputes directly with the seller, rather than filing a claim with the FutbolMarkt; however, please note that if you opt to resolve the issue directly with the seller, your right to raise a claim remains subject to “no recovery” provision outlined below. If a seller does not address the problem, proceed to file a claim through the Refund Request contact form. As soon as the buyer files a claim through the site, we will review the claim and may ask both buyer and seller to provide additional information to settle the case.

Please be aware that FutbolMark sale fees are not refundable under this policy, with exceptions outlined below.


For the purchase to qualify under this policy, the purchase must be paid for in full through PayPal payment gateway service offered on the site and must meet the following criteria:

  • Single item cost (excluding shipping) must be over ten (10) pound sterling or an equivalent amount in other accepted currencies,
  • Buyer must have made the complete purchase price payment from one registered PayPal Account by means of a single payment,
  • Buyer have not received a recovery for that purchase from another source,
  • Purchase transaction must not fall into one of the following categories:
    • Purchases of items which buyer collected in person;
    • Purchases of custom-made items (unless they are claimed to be INR);
    • Purchases of items equivalent to cash;
    • Purchases of any goods and services not in accordance with our Terms of Service.

Covered Cases

The buyer can make a claim under this policy in the following cases:

Received item is significantly not as described by the seller (SNAD):

We will always strive to ensure only high-quality items are listed on FutbolMarkt platform and that they all meet our stringent Authenticity Standards. We are also working hard to acertain that all listings on the site are created in accordance with the Listing Guidelines and requirements. However, we acknowledge that there may be times when some items purchased on the site may fail some of these criteria, including the cases when the condition of the item in which the buyer has received it irrespective of the condition the item had originally been shipped. We reserve the right to decide each case individually by requesting and reviewing documentation to determine whether or not an item is significantly not as described. It is incumbent upon the buyer to provide such documentation when filing the claim.

Below are some examples for items qualifying as SNAD (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Parts of the amount ordered is missing, e.g. 5 training cones had been paid for, but only four were delivered. 
  • The item is not authentic but was not declared as such in the item description, or the item is counterfeit or a pirated copy;
  • The item is unusable but was not mentioned as such in the item description, e.g. important parts or components are missing, the item does not work as intended;
  • The item significantly differs from its item description, e.g. an audiobook instead of a print version, an empty box;
  • The actual condition of the item differs significantly from the condition as described, e.g. the item has obviously been used instead of being new and sealed, authenticity markings or tags present in the item photos are absent from the received item.

Below are some examples for items that do not qualify as SNAD (this list is not exhaustive):

  • The buyer does not want the item anymore after having received it or the item does not meet the buyer’s expectations, even though it has been described appropriately in the item description (buyer’s remorse);
  • The item description is misleading for both parties. For instance, if the item appears to come in a different colour than advertised; the buyer calls it “light green”, while the seller states it to be “turquois”.

If an item sold on the site becomes blacklisted as a counterfeit, through no fault of the buyer, the refund takes place irrespective of the FutbolMarkt being able to claim the payout amount from the seller. FutbolMarkt sale fees will be refundable under these circumstances.

Item Not Received (INR):

An item for which shipment has been agreed and the buyer has paid for, has not been shipped by the seller or the seller failed to provide sufficient evidence thereof.

Please note that our policy does not cover items lost in transit. If the seller can provide within the reasonable time frame valid proof of shipment (valid tracking number or shipping receipt), FutbolMarkt at its discretion can refuse to accept the claim from the buyer. Before filing a claim with FutbolMarkt, the buyer must allow sufficient time for shipping and delivery of at least one week and try to resolve the dispute by contacting the seller directly.

Seller Responsibilities

The seller can not deny refunds for SNDA and INR cases outlined in this policy. The seller may choose to offer additional voluntary refunds policy covering scenarios beyond those described in this policy (e.g. refunds covering buyer’s remorse cases). It is the seller’s responsibility to clearly define these additional options when listing any product as well as specify a reasonable refund window for each product.

If an item sold on the site becomes blacklisted as a counterfeit, through no fault of the buyer, outside of the refund window, the seller may be expected to provide reimbursement for the purchase value of the sold item, or a comparable replacement item to the buyer at his own expense. 

Buyer Responsibilities

When requesting a refund under this policy, either through direct communications with the seller or by submitting a claim to FutbolMarkt, the buyer is responsible for providing the necessary documentation to substantiate an INR or a SNAD claim. For any SNAD claim, the buyer must include sufficient photographic evidence to demonstrate that the item received is significantly not as described by the seller. Any SNAD claim lacking the necessary documentation will be rejected automatically at the discretion of FutbolMarkt.

The buyer must reply in a timely manner to any questions asked by us in regard to the SNAD or INR claim. We will decline the claim if the buyer does not provide an answer within the stated timeframe. We may extend this timeframe in case of extraordinary circumstances that are outside the control of the buyer.

For any SNAD claim, the buyer is required upon request of the FutbolMarkt to return the item at his own expenses to the seller or to another person or address as requested by us during the process, as well as to provide appropriate proof of postage. Official acceptance from the shipping company (e.g. a postmark, a receipt, or online tracking information) will be considered as sufficient proof of postage.

We reserve the right to request further documentation from the buyer to support the claim. The buyer has to bear any costs that may arise from this request.

Availability of the Refunds Policy

We reserve the right to modify or abandon our site-wide refunds provisions at our own discretion and without naming reasons. In the case of abandonment, any open claims with FutbolMarkt will still be processed until a final decision has been reached.

Statutory Rights and Rights Under Your Purchase Agreement

The statutory and/or contractual rights of the buyer and seller are not affected by this policy and are separate from this policy. We do not act as representatives either for the buyer, the seller, or the recipient of the payment. FutbolMarkt only decides on the outcome of a claim.

Changes To Our Refunds Policy

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace this Policy by posting the updated policy on the Site.

Please be sure to familiarize yourself with our Terms of Service that govern your relationship with FutbolMarkt website and/or app.

Last updated: June 30, 2020

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