As an independent broker, SoccerMarkt Inc. waives all responsibility for items posted on its FutbolMarkt site that do not match their descriptions or encounter shipping problems. It is the responsibility of the Buyer and Seller to agree on a return and refund or exchange. All Sellers who accept returns must give at least 14 calendar days to let them know if a buyer would like to return something.

If there’s a problem with a purchase, Buyers can submit a return, refund or exchange query to the Buyer. SoccerMarkt will moderate all transactions however the final word on returns will be with the Seller. SoccerMarkt reserves the right to adjudicate and involve itself in transactions

If the item was not as described, the seller is responsible for paying return postage costs. If a buyer changes their mind about a purchase and wants to return it, they may be required to pay the postage costs depending on the seller’s return policy. Sellers can provide a return postage address and additional return postage information for the buyer.

When you’re responsible for return postage charges, we charge your PayPal account if you send the item using our postage label. We may ask you to accept a billing agreement to authorise payment for these kinds of charges.

When you want to return an item using alternative postage arrangements and the seller is responsible for the return postage charges, you must work with the seller to agree on the postal service used and the cost before returning the item.

For more information please consult our Terms of Service