Nike Tiempo Legend VI Totti Boots – A boot fit for a king

August 6, 2020

In early 2017, Nike launched their Nike Tiempo Legend VI Totti boots, to celebrate the career of the iconic Francesco Totti.

Why is Francesco Totti a Legend?

In his illustrious career at A.S. Roma, Totti earned himself a number of very complementary nicknames, from ‘The Golden Boy’, to ‘The Eighth King of Rome’, to ‘The Gladiator’. The former Roma captain garnered great affection in his time at the club.

The love for Totti within the city is unsurprising, given his success at the club. He won one Serie A title, two Coppa Italia trophies and two Supercoppa’s across his time in the capital. Perhaps even more important to his legacy was his determination to stay at his boyhood club. As an elite forward, there is no doubt that Totti could have left the city (or country), in search of a better financial package or guaranteed silverware. Despite this, he stayed resolute, accumulating 786 appearances for Roma, across his 25 years playing for the club. His loyalty is a source of admiration amongst all football fans.

Totti was known, primarily, for his playmaking brilliance and finishing ability, with 250 goals in Italy’s top flight, the second highest in history. The forward also represented Italy at national level with 58 appearances, famously winning the World Cup in 2006 with the ‘azzurri’.

Amongst his awards for club and country, the striker finished his career with a number of unbelievable individual accomplishments. Amongst these, he carved his name into the history of his boyhood club, by becoming Roma’s all-time leading goal scorer and appearance holder.

Totti’s class even captured the respect of Roma’s biggest rivals, Lazio. The two clubs share a home ground (the Stadio Olimpico) but there is a fierce rivalry, even hatred, between them. Despite this, when Francesco Totti, a man synonymous with Roma, retired, Lazio’s ultras (Irrudicibili) paid tribute to him, holding a banner reading “The enemies of a lifetime greet Francesco Totti” when the two teams met in the Derby della Capitale.

How did Nike Design the ‘Tiempo Legend VI Totti Boots’?

As Totti neared his retirement, Nike decided to make a boot to pay tribute to him. They approached him about its design and he said “When I thought about a boot that could reflect the 25 years of my career, I immediately thought of gold. This boot had to encapsulate all my values – my family, AS Roma and the city of Rome.” Taking his comments on board, Nike created a beautiful boot with a full metallic gold finish, a contrasting black Nike swoosh and a black sole. Totti’s name is embellished on the heel and the insole reflects the Roma colours, with TottiXRoma detailing, highlighting Totti’s connection to the club and referencing his number 10 shirt.

download 2 2 - Nike Tiempo Legend VI Totti Boots – A boot fit for a king
Francesco Totti’s name on the back of his signature Nike Tiempo Legend VI boots

What features make the Nike Tiempo Legend VI Totti Boots so special?

The iconic boots were limited edition of just 2,500 pairs, 100 for each of his 25 professional seasons, each individually numbered on the side of the boot.

Close up of Francesco Tottis boots
Close up of Francesco Totti’s boots, with numbering on the side of the boots

The boots were mostly made from pure kangaroo leather, a material to add comfort and durability to a boot, commonly used for premium football boots.

Each boot included a tongue, matching the style of Totti’s previous boots. Attached to the tongue was a black rubber band which wrapped around each boot to keep the tongue pressed down for a much cleaner strike.

Nike also added some smaller details to the boot, with the word ‘aeterno’ – Italian for eternal on the inside of the boot, signifying his everlasting career as a player and also a reference to Rome, known as the eternal city for its ever-growing size and power throughout history.

Where can you buy Nike Tiempo Legend VI Totti boots?

If you are after a pair of Nike Tiempo Legend Totti boots, then you might have some difficulty, as the boots sold out extremely quickly. Unfortunately they are now only available to purchase through resellers, however, be aware that with high demand comes a great opportunity for counterfeiters! is a reseller marketplace dedicated to football, with a huge focus on authentic football boots, shirts and general football merchandise. Partnered with Back Four Brand protection we are here to stamp out all fakes in the industry, to keep your hard-earned money safe and giving you the genuine sought-after product!

How much do Nike Tiempo Legend VI Totti Boots cost?

Considering the rarity of these boots, you are unlikely to find them going for anywhere near their original price. If you want a pair, expect to part with a few hundred pounds, with that price increasing or decreasing depending on the condition of the boot.

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