Boca Juniors Home Kit

One of the most recognizable kits on the planet, and one of the most fervently supported clubs in the world – the story of the Boca Juniors home kit is anything but simple. From pink, sky blue, to black and white, Boca hasn’t always had claim to the iconic blue and yellow kit that we have come to know so well today.

Founded in 1905 by a host of Genoese immigrants in the Buenos Aires’ port area of La Boca (The Mouth) – named after the point where the Riachelo river meets the Río de la Plata, the Buenos Aires team first joined the Argentine Football Association League in 1913. At the beginning, the club went through a few kit and color changes before settling on their iconic kit of today.

While accounts differ, the first original shirt was a white shirt with black stripes, followed by a plain light blue shirt that same year in 1905. The following year, the club switched it up again – playing in dark blue vertical stripes on a white shirt. However, after coming up against Nottingham de Almagro, another club using very similar striped kit colors, the two teams squared off to determine who would get to keep the colors. Boca lost.

With a new shirt design beckoning, the unlikely inspiration came from the Drottning Sophia, a Swedish ship anchored in the Boca harbour. However, the first designs were not the typical blue with the yellow horizontal stripe.

The first kits, used from 1907 – 1912 were a blue shirt with a diagonal yellow stripe from the shoulder to the bottom. Comically, there was no one steady design, with players often having kits with stripes running either left to right or right to left. The conflict arose from the players having to sew on their own stripes, often resulting in disagreements as to which way was best.

It is approximately after this time that the current design, blue with a horizontal yellow stripe came into play. Now easily one of the most recognizable kits in the world, it has definitely left made its mark on the world of football.

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