Ready. Set. Sell.

Selling on FutbolMarkt is easy. We charge a basic commission fee to cover site upkeep, authentication and service costs, and the rest goes right to you, the seller. Your first month is always free, and there are no hidden fees. Ever.


Month Free

As a welcome to the community, your entire first month of sales is commission free, just cover your Paypal transaction fees.

Selling Fee

Our fees are lower than our competitors and keep FutbolMarkt alive, covering our service, upkeep and authentication costs.

Gateway Charges

We're working really hard to find a better solution, but this is a standard charge of the payment providers and there's little we can do about it.*

Hidden Charges

Forget about hidden fees and the small print, we always advertise exactly what's being charged and we'll always tell you if anything changes.

Become aVerified Seller

Build trust within the community by earning the Verified Seller badge on your store profile.

  • Keep a positive 5-star rating for 3 consecutive months to earn your badge
  • Ensure all of your products pass our authenticity checks
  • Be an engaged member of the community and keep your reputation in good standing


Dedicated Community

Start selling to a community that lives and breathes the beautiful game, a place where everyone knows and loves football.

Product Authentication

We manually moderate our marketplace for counterfeits and we're working on AI technology to improve the process.

User Support

Our team is always online. Connect with us on the platform or get in touch via email. We'll respond in 24 hrs or less.


At FutbolMarkt, our priority is trust and security, making our platform the safest place to buy and sell resale football goods on the web
  • We do not permit the selling of counterfeit items
  • Any community posts promoting counterfeits will be removed
  • Sellers who do not comply with our rules will be cautioned and/or removed

Join the Selling Community

Become part of football’s newest and most rapidly growing resale network. Connect with a dedicated community of players, collectors, supporters and coaches. Join the space.

* Sellers will receive payment from buyers for their sold listings via PayPal. PayPal determines and charges transaction fees for using their service based on the currency and the location of the transactions. These fees and charges are subject to change without notice.

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