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Selling on FutbolMarkt is easy. We review all football boots and kits to keep you
safe and we’re always available to help you get started!

How It Works

Our goal is to make FutbolMarkt as easy as possible for both buyers and sellers


Comission-free selling

We’re currently operating on a commission-free basis. That’s right, 0% commission fee on all sales.


Payment Gateway Charges

We strive to use the most secure payment processing gateways. You only pay the PayPal transaction fees.


Zero Hidden Charges

Forget about hidden fees and the small print of other platforms, what you see is what you get.

Become a Verified Seller

Build trust within the community by earning the Verified Seller badge on your store profile.

The Benefits

Selling on FutbolMarkt is more comprehensive than competitor such as Instagram or eBay.

Dedicated Community

Start selling to a community that lives and breathes the beautiful game, a place where everyone knows and loves football.

Product Authentication

We manually moderate our marketplace for counterfeits and we’re working on AI technology to improve the process.

User Support

Our team is always online. Connect with us on social media or get in touch via email. We’ll respond in 24 hrs or less.

What We Don't Allow

At FutbolMarkt, our priority is trust and security, making our platform the safest place to buy and sell resale football goods on the web

Join the Selling Community

Become part of football’s newest and most rapidly growing resale network. Connect with a dedicated community of players, collectors, supporters and coaches. Join the space.

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