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Choosing The Best Football Studs For Your Game

What are the best football studs for your game? Well, that depends on what pitch you’re going to be playing. To be honest, choosing the right football studs is pretty easy. As a rule of thumb, the softer the ground, the longer the stud.

And to make things even easier, boot manufacturers have started to categorise their products by ground type. But if you’re a bit confused, use the below guide to make sure you get it right.

Which Football Studs Should You Use?

Soft Ground (SG)

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If your pitch resembles a mud bath, opt for soft ground studs. These are typically the longest type of stud and are often metal. Typically, SG boots will come with screw-in studs (some may also have a couple of moulded studs as well). These screw-ins must be replaced when they become worn down.

I can tell you from personal experience that screw-ins have a nasty habit of coming out mid-game. And always at the most inopportune moments. Always carry a complete spare set in your boot bag plus your tightening key.

Firm Ground (FG)

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When the sun is shining and the ground has very little give, opt for firm ground studs. These are typically moulded and fixed to the bottom of the boot. There’s no chance of a stud falling out mid-game, but they can get worn down. And when they are, you’ll need to replace the whole boot rather than just a couple of studs.

While this can be a pain, it’s essential that you wear FGs on harder, grass pitches. Soft ground studs won’t pierce the harder surface and you’ll be playing on mini stilts. Additionally, the SG studs will push against the bottom of your feet and could cause bruising or blisters.

Artificial (AG)

Adidas Ace 16.3 Credit: Facebook

Whether you train or play full matches on artificial grass, you must play with AG studs. While Big Dave might be happy to wear his FG studs on a 4g pitch, what he doesn’t know is that the tougher fake grass is actually damaging the boot significantly. FG boots simply aren’t designed to cope with the harsh artificial grass.

AG boots come with additional moulded studs, which are tougher, helping to reduce the impact of those pesky synthetic grass blades. You’ll spend less money replacing your boots and maintain your grip for longer.  


Nike Hypervenom 3 Credit: Nike/Facebook

AstroTurf and artificial grass are sometimes used as synonyms. However, when we talk about AstroTurf, we’re usually referring to the extra-short grass often combined with sand. All you pedants out there will know that AstroTurf is actually the brand name of the American company that invented synthetic grass in the 1960s. When we talk about artificial grass, we usually mean 3G or 4G pitches.

If someone says you’re playing on AstroTurf, you’ll need astros. These have many short moulded studs, which provide a decent amount of grip on the synthetic ground. I have used astros on 3G/4G in the past, but it can be extra slippy when wet. Avoid my mistake.


Nike MercurialX Proximo SE IC Credit: Nike/Facebook

If you’re playing at the local sports centre on a hard court, you’ll need to purchase indoor boots. These don’t really have studs at all, more a grippy rubber sole. But they are non-mark, which most sports halls will insist upon.

If you do buy indoor boots, make sure to use them only on indoor surfaces. You may be tempted to use them on artificial grass or turf, but doing so can cause them damage. You’ll get less grip when you do head back indoors.

Where to buy your boots…

Choosing the right football stud for your game is pretty simple. Just match the surface to the stud. But where should you buy your boots? For that, there’s only one option. Head to the FutbolMarkt Footwear Marketplace where you can find a killer range of retro and classic boots.

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Arsenal fan. Saturday league journeyman. Pantofola d'Oro fanboy.

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