FutbolMarkt is a user-to-user social marketplace with secure payments similar to Depop. However, our marketplace adds a social aspect connecting the entire football community and a security elements to ensure product authenticity and safety.

Authenticated Listings

We keep scammers and counterfeiters away, we've partnered with Back Four Brand Protection and work tirelessly to moderate all listings.

Niche Football Platform

FutbolMarkt is dedicated only to football, meaning your products are in front of customers who are definitely interested in football.​


Secure payments, fast and easy. We use Paypal for buying and selling, meaning that you're covered by their guarantees & protection.

Ease of Use

Forget about promoting your products on social media and then sending them to Depop to buy, do it all on one social platform.

Social Community

Unlike other marketplaces, our portal is social - meaning users aren't just shopping, but connecting with football enthusiasts around the world.

Content Portal

Whether you're looking for articles on collectible kits, or advice on buying your latest boot. FutbolMarkt partners with industry leaders for content.

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