5 Best Football Documentaries on Netflix UK

My hunt for the best football documentaries on Netflix has hit new levels since lockdown began. Hours Days have been lost. Weight has been gained. And family members have been seriously concerned. But, I think I’ve cracked it. So here they are, the five best football documentaries on Netflix (UK).

5 Best Football Documentaries on Netflix UK

Sunderland ‘Til I Die

While other football documentaries capture the magic of the beautiful game, Sunderland ‘Til I Die captures the misery. And it does so with a sensitive touch and plenty of respect. In this brilliantly constructed docuseries, we follow the fall and fall of the Black Cats from the glittering Premier League to League One. And it captures the descent from every angle. We see how it affects everyone from the board members to the fans via players and club cooks. But it’s not all doom and gloom. The series is also a love letter to real football supporters in working-class England. And, for that, I love it.

Maradona in Mexico

Whether you’re Team Maradona or not, you’ve got to admit, there’s something undeniably fascinating about El Diego. In this riveting documentary, we follow the Argentine legend during his time as head coach of Mexican side Culiacán. We get to see the affable, affectionate side of Maradona, as well as the circus that surrounds him. For someone who has dominated footballing headlines for such a long time, it’s surprising how much there is to discover about one of the greatest players of all time.

Premier League Legends

Perhaps it’s a sign of my advancing years, but there’s something ever so comfortable about Premier League Legends. The series follows one “legend” per episode through a reverential recap of their career. Unlike some of the trendier documentaries, Premier League Legends is unashamedly about great players and great footballers. There are no great insights or revealing details, just plenty of footballing magic – and what’s not to love about that? At under 30 minutes long, it’s an easy watch for a hungover Sunday or a fire-me-up before your next Powerleague game. Whenever that might be.

First Team: Juventus

We’re pretty much used to the super-slick football docuseries by now. We get a polished (and carefully edited) insight into one of the world’s best teams. They’re easy watching, but not very revealing. And, in that sense, First Team: Juventus follows form. However, there’s something in this artfully shot “behind-the-scenes” series that makes it very watchable.

Bobby Robson: More Than a Manager

For so many, Bobby Robson was much more than a manager. And that message is drilled home in this lovingly compiled documentary about the former Barcelona and Newcastle manager. We get a beautiful look back at the legend through old interviews and archive footage. We also get touching tributes from a galaxy of footballing superstars who clearly adore Sir Bobby. It’s moving, funny, sad and, ultimately, a beautiful look back at one of the English game’s true greats.

Have I Missed Any?

If you think I’ve made a grave error in missing out your favourite football documentary on Netflix, let me know in the Community section of FutbolMarkt.

About the author: sammemurray11
Arsenal fan. Saturday league journeyman. Pantofola d'Oro fanboy.

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