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FutbolMarkt Features

Current & Planned

We focus on authenticity

We aim to create a superior product and experience than all of our competitors.

At the forefront of our efforts is a marketplace free of counterfeits and scammers. We verify all football shirts and boots for authenticity, and we’re developing technology to look at footballs, scarves and memorabilia too.

Our authenticity standards are high, to ensure only the best experience for our users.

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Our Roadmap

Buying & Selling

List items or purchase them, safely and securely on the marketplace.

Product Trading

Offer products, or products + cash in secure swap deals with other sellers.

Lending & Borrowing

Lend football gear and equipment to other FutbolMarkt users.

AI Authentication

We authenticate all football boots and shirts listed for sale on the platform.

Secure Chat

Connect with a vast and varied community of buyers and sellers

Automated Listings

Snap and go. List your items in seconds, simply by snapping a photo.

Authenticity Checker

We’re partnering with RainMeus to provide FutbolMarkt users with a quick and easy way to check products for athenticity.

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