Authenticity Check Wizard

Authenticity Check Wizard

FutbolMarkt is determined to make our user’s experience safe and secure. In partnership with Back Four Brand Protection and powered by, our football shirt authenticity wizard ensures that users are able to quickly and efficiently guide themselves through checking whether their shirts are real or fake.

The check is based on a points-based algorithm that automatically calculates the authenticity of your shirt based on your answer. Points are given based on where you purchased your kit, the quality of its details, size and fit, and by examining the typical counterfeit giveaways found on football shirts.

Please keep in mind that while we do our best to ascertain the authenticity of your shirt, our staff do not handle the product so all results should be considered guidelines.

To get started, visit our authenticity checker on our website, or via our mobile apps.

Step 1: Enter your shirt details. These help us guide you through the correct questions for your specific shirt.

Step 2: Enter where this kit was purchased. If this is a resold kit, specify where you purchased the kit, not where it was originally purchased. At this step, some options will automatically lead to being classified as real or counterfeit depending on your answer.

Step 4: If your kit is Pre-2000, specify if it matches one of the kits listed on this page. These are the most widely counterfeit football shirts and a sign to be extra vigilant when checking these specific kits.

Step 5: Specify whether your shirt care labels and swing tags are present. The shirt care labels are found inside the shirt near the midsection, and the swing tags are the tags that come with brand new shirts (the tags with the the price, barcodes). Your answers allow us to keep or remove certain questions further on in the check.

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Step 6: If you specified that swing tags are present on your football shirt, enter the details related to these here. Swing tags are a great clue as to whether a shirt is real or counterfeit so be sure to pay close attention to these answers.

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Step 7: Next, check the care labels for pen markings and country of manufacture. These are great giveaways as to the authenticity of your shirts.

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Step 8: Examine the details of your shirt, such as the stitching, the crests, and the size. These answers will also affect the authenticity rating of your shirt.

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Step 9: You’ve reached the end of the check. Click ‘Submit’ to see your results!

Step 10: Get your result. Based on your answers, our wizard calculates your result for your football shirt. This includes:

  • Authentic: scoring over 80% on the check
  • Verified: scoring 60-80% on the check
  • Inconclusive: scoring 40-60% on the check
  • Suspected Counterfeit: scoring 20-40% on the check
  • Counterfeit: scoring under 20% on the check