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Premier League Fakes: Why You Should Never Buy Them

Premier League fakes have flooded the market in recent years. Counterfeiters have managed to replicate everything from full kits and scarves to electrical goods and everything in between.

And, let’s be honest, a lot of them look legit! To the untrained eye, some of the fake goods on offer look indistinguishable from the real. Bar the “Louis Vuitton” Liverpool shirt below, of course.

But I’m not here to pat the backs of a few crafty fakers. Instead, I’m here to tell you why you absolutely, 100% should not be buying Premier League fakes. Yes, you might save a bit of cash in the short term. But it could cost you much more in the long run. On its official website, the Premier League lists these five reasons for not buying dodgy Prem goods.

5 Reasons To Avoid Premier League Fakes


Official Premier League goods must meet safety standards. These measures have been put in place to protect you as the wearer and the people around you. By introducing fakes into your home, you could legitimately be putting yourself in danger. I’m not saying the fakes will be made of cyanide or asbestos, but they could certainly be put together with material that isn’t flame resistant.

Links to organised crime

When you spend £20 on a rip-off kit, there’s a good chance the money will go straight into the pockets of criminals. And it’s not just your Del Boy-style traders looking to make a quick buck. Terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda and Hezbollah have been known to traffic counterfeit goods to fund their activities. So don’t put that cash into the black market. You don’t know where it will end up.

No tax is paid

When you buy legit products, a portion of that purchase is sent back to the government in tax. The government then uses that cash to fund the things we need most, such as education, the health care system, smooth roads, policing. It’s essential. But those who sell fakes are much less likely to funnel a portion of their profits back into the system. Whether you mean to or not, by purchasing fakes you could be taking money away from the organisations that keep us safe and healthy.

Damages club reputation

Clubs live and die on their reputation. On the field, that’s dictated by the players and coaching staff. Off the field… well, it’s all down to brand management. That’s managed through social media, press, club websites and basically anything that the club is linked to… including its merchandise. By choosing fakes, we take the branding power away from the Premier League and its clubs and leave it in the hands of people who simply don’t care.

Takes money from clubs

Ultimately, we buy Premier League products because we’re fans of the Premier League and the clubs that play in it. We want them to last and grow, to bring the best players to the league. And for that, they need our cash. As supporters, we should be looking to support our club financially. Clubs have disappeared in the past and more will in the future. Buy legit.

Premier League Rip Offs.. Let’s See Your Worst

Have you ever bought a terrible Premier League fake? We want to see it! Post your picture to the FutbolMarkt Community.

About the author: sammemurray11
Arsenal fan. Saturday league journeyman. Pantofola d'Oro fanboy.

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