What Is Sock Cutting (And Should You Do It?)

The Story Behind Sock Cutting (And Should You Do It?)

Watch closely and you’ll see the pro’s sporting something akin to socks being cut with scissors in the minutes before the game. Well, its true. The pro’s have been cutting their socks for a quick decade and they’ve often got a good reason to do so.

Why Cut Your Socks

For the pros, who play and train almost every single day, their socks are like a second skin. This is not to mention that many of them wear custom or technical socks – like TRUsox.

TRUsox and all similar counterparts are mid-calf socks with rubberised strips to prevent the foot from moving inside the boot.

For the pro who plays every single day, keeping the same condition are crucial. Thus many of them take scissors to socks in order to keep the status quo.

The Alternative

It seems that Adidas did get fed up with players cutting their socks and decided to do it for them – releasing the two-part sock in 2017. Other brands have followed suit.

Featuring the upper leg and an ankle sock, it can be worn both together or individually. While the two part is not common in stores, it is possible to find the top half of the sock for sale.

Should You Do It?

Cutting socks not an aesthetic practice, and should only be done for practical and performance reasons. Most importantly, cutting socks significantly reduces their lifetime.

Alex Protsenko

Amateur boot collector, passionate player and avid supporter.

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