Buyer's Guarantee

At FutbolMarkt, we stand behind our authenticity guarantee.
This means that every product that we authenticate over a certain level is covered by us.


Football Shirt Or Boots

The item in question must be a football shirt, or a pair of football boots

Listed on FutbolMarkt

The item must be listed, processed, negotiated and paid for on FutbolMarkt.

8+ Authenticity Rating

The item must have been verified by our staff prior to purchase, with an authenticity score of 8 or higher.
How It Works
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Claim Submission

If you received a counterfeit item, you can submit a claim form, providing evidence of your purchase and why you believe the item is counterfeit
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Seller Negotation

If valid, our team will contact the seller and attempt to negotiate a full refund, as well terms regarding the shipment or disposal of the product.
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Your Payout

In most cases, our sellers agree to a full refund. If we are unable to reach a settlement with the seller, FutbolMarkt will reimburse the cost of the product to the buyer.
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Submitting a Claim

When submitting a claim, be sure to check that it meets our criteria, and provide evidence backing up your claim.

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Claim Submission

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Claim FAQ

No, FutbolMarkt only covers products with an authenticity rating of 8 or higher.

We only cover football boots and football shirts. We do not cover apparel, equipment or memorabilia.

While shipment issues do not fall under our guarantee (yet), we will do our best to work with the seller to find your item. Please use our contact page to get in touch.

In order to process a claim, we need to see solid evidence that the product you submit your claim for is the same as the one you purchased, and that said product is counterfeit. We accept photo and video evidence.

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