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Boot Listing Guidelines

At FutbolMarkt we take pride in making sure all of our products and sellers are trustworthy. When listing your boots, we want to ensure that the catalogue inspires confidence for the buyers, so we encourage users to post high-quality images, and refrain from posting according to the standards of other marketplaces – meaning no extra title jargon, or fancy html descriptions.

We review all boot listings on our website and assign badges to all products. You can read about our authenticity standards here.

Listing Guidelines

Product Title

State the name of the item, and a defining attribute like size. Avoid adding extra terms at the end of your title, it does not impact your SEO on FutbolMarkt.

A Good Title

Nike Total 90 Laser I OG – Sz 44

Avoid Filler Words

Men’s Nike Total 90 Laser Football Boot Shoe T90 Rooney 44EU

Short Description

Specify why you’re selling. This is your chance to connect with the buyer. Add anything that you think might be useful to the seller.

Vintage boots found in my garage, plenty of life left. Check photos for all details. Come as is.


When listing a product you must specify a product category from the menu. Only specify the category relevant to your listing.

Category: Firm-Ground Boots

boot listing guidelines

Product Images

  • Add the image that best shows your product as a featured image
  • Make sure your photos have good lighting
  • Avoid blurry and disproportionate photos
  • We DO NOT allow stock imagery on the marketplace
  • Add as many gallery photos as possible, showing the details of your shirt 
  • Be sure to show the inner tags and neck labels
  • Products will be given an authenticity label based on the information provided, those that do not specify enough details will be marked or removed if suspected of being counterfeit

boot listing guidelines

Top View

img 20200618 144846 - Boot Listing Guidelines

Side View

boot listing guidelines


img 20200618 144858 - Boot Listing Guidelines

Back View

img 20200618 144925 - Boot Listing Guidelines


img 20200618 144948 - Boot Listing Guidelines



Make it easy for buyers to filter your products, and for the FutbolMarkt team to verify your listing.




Made In


Suitable For



Price, Stock & Shipping

Be sure to set your price, stock quantity and shipping for your product. You can read more our Shipping Guidelines here.




Product Badges for Boot Listings

All boot listings on FutbolMarkt are assigned a badge depending on their verification status. Refer to the information below.

VerifiedBadge 1 - Boot Listing Guidelines


We verify all kit and boot listings against counterfeiting. Partnering with Back Four Brand Protection, we look at imagery and product details to ascertain product authenticity.

PendingVerification 2 - Boot Listing Guidelines

Information Needed

If a product does not provide enough information, but seems legitimate, we add a placeholder verification while we contact the seller for more information and photographs.

Review - Boot Listing Guidelines


We do not currently verify memorabilia and equipment. However we do hold our sellers to the same standards and verify products for legitimacy. All non-verified products get a Reviewed badge.

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