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Our Authenticity Standards

We have partnered with Back Four Brand Protection, a leading anti-counterfeiting agency working with brands and clubs, to identify, track and eliminate counterfeits on our platform.

FutbolMarkt is committed to keeping our marketplace counterfeit free and will remove and report sellers who intentionally try to list fakes on the platform.


Our Authenticity Badges

As part of our anti-counterfeiting efforts, we assign badges to each product on our platform


We verify all kit and boot listings against counterfeiting. Partnering with Back Four Brand Protection, we look at imagery and product details to ascertain product authenticity.


If a seller does not provide enough photos or information on a product listing, we add a placeholder verification badge while we contact the seller to fully authenticate the product.


We do not currently verify memorabilia and equipment. However we do hold our sellers to the same standards and verify products for legitimacy. All non-verified products get a Reviewed badge.

Pending Verification

Items that are yet to be reviewed will receive a ‘Pending Verification’ badge. Reviews usually takes our experts between 24-72 hours to complete.

What Constitutes a Fake

We strictly monitor all listings for signs of fraud and counterfeiting

Counterfeit Items

Boots and kits that are made to look like premium high-quality authentic items.

Unofficial Merchandise

Items created to mimic authentic products, often missing badges or branding.

Trademark Infringements

Items that are passed off as official club merchandise, intended to fool buyers.

What Can You Sell On FutbolMarkt

Selling on FutbolMarkt is easy, as long as your products are legitimate.


‘Elite’ or ‘Player’ versions of kits or boots, created for the professionals.


Fan items such as kits, scarves, and apparel intended for supporters.


Official equipment, apparel & footwear created for the general public.


Products official licensed clubs, including memorabilia and household items.

Our Commitment

We’re committed to providing a safe, fun and scam-free experience to our buyers, while maintaining a fast and efficient platform for sellers to share their goods. While we can never 100% guarantee product authenticity without handling the items, we want to give our users the information to make their own informed decisions while using our platform.

Manual Verification

Partnering with a leading anti-counterfeiting agency in the UK, we currently moderate all listings for counterfeit and fakes, removing those that fall afoul of our policy or using stock imagery.

Curated Photo Recognition Photos

Our photography process will feature AI photo recognition that will be trained to detect aspects of the product being photographed. From the Made In imprint, to the UPC codes and badge stitching - matching all aspects with the specs of authentic products.

Automatic Verification

We're working towards creating a listing process that will automatically verify products within certain categories. With counterfeiting become increasingly prevalent, this process will be constantly updated and improved as our product database grows.

Authenticity Ratings

Using AI algorithms all products will receive an authenticity rating based on the information provided by the seller. We will never handle items, however, our rating will be a guideline to our buyers. Products not meeting a specific threshold will be removed.

Our Features Pipeline

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