How We Score The Check

The Source

Where the football shirt was originally purchased is a strong indicator of authenticity

Stitching Quality

Inner and outer stitching quality as well as the team crest are clues to a kit’s authenticity

Counterfeit Giveaways

Inspecting swing tags and care labels is often a quick way to ascertain whether a shirt is fake

Database Comparison

We cross-reference our database of top countereit kits currently on the market

Authenticity Markings

While shirts pre-2000 may not have authenticity markings, most newer shirts have clear markings

Size, Fit & Detailing

Cheap counterfeits are often incorrectly sized and missing crucial details seen on authentic shirts

This authenticity check has been created in partnership Back Four Brand Protection and internal authenticity experts to help users check the authenticity of their shirts. As our experts do not handle the product, FutbolMarkt does not accept any liability for the results of the check. All results should be used as guidelines.