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A Community Built Around Football Merchandise

We’re building a platform where users can buy, sell, trade, lend and borrow football gear.

A marketplace free of counterfeits, scammers and brand fraud.

A community where users of all types can freely connect around the beautiful game.

About FutbolMarkt

FutbolMarkt was started to unite an increasingly fragmented community. With sellers touting goods across multiple platforms, and counterfeiting rampant, our goal is to give both buyers and sellers a safe space to exchange authentic football merchandise.




The Story

Futbolmarkt’s story began away from the football pitch, with the purchase of a rare and expensive football boot from one of the biggest resale platforms on the web. When the item arrived, excitement and elation quickly turned to disappointment… the boot was a counterfeit.

Outdated technology and a lax approach to product quality has plagued many of the most prominent online marketplaces but not FutbolMarkt.

Our mission is to provide an online marketplace to players, sellers and collectors that is not only innovative and easy to use, but also safe and secure.

FutbolMarkt is primarily a marketplace, but our current platform is only the beginning.

Over the next few months we will be rolling out features like auctions, offers and trading. Our curated photo experience and authenticity checker will be launched and we’ll introduce new and improved security features.

FutbolMarkt is all about innovation. We believe that a real marketplace should be free of any constraints, that’s why we’ll continuously innovate, using feedback from our buyers and sellers to create the best marketplace experience on the web. 

A Community Build Around Merchandise

Our Platform Roadmap

We’re working on a number of features to improve the experience for our users. 

Authenticity Checks

Products will be assessed for authenticity using manual checks & photo recognition technology. We will never handle the product, meaning reduced transaction times.

Curated Posting

Improve your chances of selling through guided product photo and video uploads. Our process will be quick, easy and ensure accurate authenticity ratings.

Lending Portal

For individuals, clubs and schools. Lend gear and equipment within your community. Guaranteed safe through our escrow service.

Product Trading

All of our verified users will be able to use our escrow service to negotiate trades between listed products. Safe, secure and easy to use.

Our Team

Alex Protsenko


CEO // Cofounder

Alex Protsenko

As a player and modest collector, I’ve had the unfortunate experience of buying counterfeits one too many times. I noticed that social networks have become the primary conduit for buying and selling and, through negative personal experiences, I discovered how little security they provide. All of this imparted in me, a drive to unite football fans with a singular, safe and secure social marketplace.
Kostya Protsenko

Kostya Protsenko

Director // Cofounder



Software Engineer



Boot Authenticity Expert



Community Manager



Editor // Content Producer







FutbolMarkt is always looking for passionate and driven team members to join our team.

Anti-Counterfeiting Initiative

We have partnered with Back Four Brand Protection, a leading anti-counterfeiting agency working with brands and clubs, to reduce counterfeits on our platform.

FutbolMarkt is committed to keeping our marketplace counterfeit free and will remove and report sellers who intentionally try to list fakes on the platform.

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